Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays 
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Espresso portable displays are next-gen displays that help you be productive anywhere. The portable displays designed by designers: Will Scuderi, Scott McKeon, Gary Caldarola & Fabian Maritato go a long way in helping people work during the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic situation has forced many people to work and study from home and remote work is getting trendy. Espresso portable displays fit nicely into this situation as they can be easily moved around.Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays The espresso Displays V2 features a Full HD screen, supports 16 million colors, and 99% of the sRGB color gamut, which makes photos and videos bursting with life. The portable display is compatible with a wide variety of devices as it comes with USB-C and Mini HDMI ports. This helps you improve your productivity by offering a second screen for your PC or Mac, you can also turn your smartphone into a portable office.Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays Espresso portable displays are a combination of aesthetics and functionality. While many other portable display brands offer similar devices that look like slabs of glass and metal, sometimes even plastic, Espresso is a premium portable monitor. The designers have taken a cue from Apple’s iMac, it utilizes anodized aluminum and layered glass to create a product that is not only handsome but also long-lasting.Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays_3 The Espresso portable device hides most of its electronics within its thin bottom bezel, which allows the entire enclosure to be 5.5mm thick only and highly portable. The minimalist design makes it stand out and neatly blend in the background until you notice its clean beauty in the middle of a chaotic makeshift desk at a coffee shop.Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays_4The Espresso portable monitors have been the Best Portable Monitor for 2022, especially for Macs. You can also rotate the portable display to match your workflow as it automatically adjusts the contents for you. Additionally, the Espresso comes with an espressoPen that allows your creativity to flow with ease on the screen as it would on paper.Espresso Portable Displays Next-Gen Displays_5There are not many choices available in the market today that can match Espresso portable displays. With the combination of form and function, the sleek aluminum body, unbeatable features, and accessories to support any kind of work condition make it a must-have display. 

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