Firewalla Purple Offers Better Level of Protection
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After a few initial jitters, Firewalla Purple network protect appliance which was supposed to be released in December 2021 is finally available to buy. The product offers you a better level of protection when it comes to protecting you against cyberattacks. 

Firwalla Purple is a compact portable device that offers you enterprise-grade protection. It guards you against cyberattacks and offers advanced insights into your network.Firewalla Purple Offers Better Level of Protection-1According to Firewalla’s founder Jerry Chen, “We created a piece of hardware that gives you full visibility into exactly what’s happening on your home network and offers you simple ways to control it. This product has been tested and used in more than 100 countries, and now we get to bring a new level of security and control to everyone.”Firewalla Purple Offers Better Level of Protection_2The Firewalla’s rules engine and its gigabit networks enable you to take full control of your home network and block any port, domain, IP address, activity, or web page. It also features parental control tools that are easy to use. With a simple tap, you can restrict internet access, stop any device playing online games, block social networking or adult and malicious content, monitor online activity, and receive online activity alerts.Firewalla Purple Offers Better Level of Protection_3The earlier devices allowed you to connect the Purple with your router without changing the existing wiring. While the latest Purple is a router in its own right, this means you can connect directly to your ISP modem or bridge two networks transparently with the device in the middle with each other. You can buy this device at $319 here

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