FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters
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FLANEUR digital camera, designed by Henry Smallbone offers more than just how a smart camera looks. The FLANEUR digital cameras’ unique design and functionality are the USP of its creation to make you fall in love.

The philosophy of the FLANEUR digital camera is to slow down and be considerate in today’s fast-paced digital world. The camera resembles a tortoise, as it motivates users to adopt a slow approach rather than going berserk clicking tons of photographs.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_1The FLANEUR digital camera can store only up to 37 photos in its memory, this is what makes users mindful of the limited resources and using them smartly to click some amazing photos.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_2The word “Flaneur” means person who is a stroller in French language. A term used in the 19th century by French poet Charles Baudelaire to denote an observer of modern urban life.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_3In the context of the digital camera, it means someone who meanders around observing things keenly. Being inspired by this idea, the digital camera is very colorful and has a casual form factor that one can carry around. The designer has given it a bold aluminum casing design with large buttons and dials, inviting curiosity by onlookers.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_4The crossed section of closed lens that hides from plain sight in a series of plastic casings that move independently offers the smart camera an amazing performance quotient. The lenses can be swapped with the push of a button depending on the shot being taken. Telephoto allows you to take a portrait shot or a wide lens for shooting panoramic landscapes on a golden sun bathed evening.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_5The viewfinder rotates in 180 degrees direction allowing you to capture portrait shots or 90 degrees for a wide shot without moving the camera. The camera comes with minimal functionality, this will allow you to focus on capturing memories. A large wheel controls the flash intensity, while the positional switches offer the option to toggles between colored or monochrome photos or videos.FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_6


FLANEUR Digital Camera For Globe Trotters_7

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