Innovative Electric Flosser
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Flaüs is an innovative electric flosser for those who hate flossing. To floss every day is a good oral care sense, but how many of us actually end up flossing our teeth every day. It can be quite annoying and awkward to run a string between your teeth that might not feel just right for you. If you are thinking of using plastic use and toss floss pick beware of the environmental issue fellas.

With Flaüs things will change forever as it makes it easy and quicker for people to flaus. It is an electrical eco-friendly device designed by ANDesign for Flaüs. The electric flosser is a handheld toothbrush-shaped device with a replaceable flossing head.

Flaüs gently vibrates at 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute to safely remove all food and plaque stuck between your teeth. It safely does this without hurting your sensitive gums.Flaüs

Flaüs makes flossing your teeth quick, easy, and effective, as easy as it would with an electric toothbrush. It comes with a replaceable floss head made from biodegradable materials. This means it can be easily disposed of and recycled without any harmful effects to the environment.

Flaüs is designed with an ergonomic form factor making it easy to hold and maneuver inside your mouth. It makes it super easy for you to floss your mouth quickly compared to the traditional strings which can take up to 10 minutes.Flaus

The handy device features 7 LEDs on its body that light up whenever you use it. This reminds you to floss every day as you know you missed a day at the end of the week.

Flaüs also works efficiently as energy consumption is low as the internal battery lasts an entire month without having to recharge. Not only does it come with the best possible form factor but also is made from biodegradable materials to ensure it does not harm the environment. The profits from each purchase will go towards stopping 100 plastic bottles from reaching the ocean, an initiative undertaken by Flaüs in partnership with Plastic Bank.

Flaüs is a sleek, IP67 waterproof designed device that gives pleasure to look at and use. It offers two vibration modes you can toggle between 6,000 or 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute.

The magnetic mirror mount makes it convenient for you to simply affix Flaüs on your mirror. Each Flaüs device is shipped along with 90 floss heads, a magnetic mirror mound, and a USB-C charging cable. You can grab your very own Flaüs on Indiegogo for $59.