Funky Wireless Charger With Twitch Emote Keys
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The latest funky wireless charger with Twitch Emote Keys enables you to react to live streams while your phone charges. The gadget is designed by FM Communications and is one of the most Gen-Z products ever. The wireless charging dock allows you to place your phone at an angle that’s easy to view. Features a keyboard with 11 mechanical keys, which allows you to send emojis right into the Twitch chat room while you’re watching a stream. One of the most entertaining wireless chargers ever made.

The wireless charger is easily able to capture Twitch’s unique meme culture. Each key is represented by an emblematic emoji, while the keycaps can easily be replaced to choose which emojis you want on your keyboard. This allows you to translate it right into the app, letting you customize your inputs.Funky Wireless Charger With Twitch Emote Keys-1

Once you dock your phone, a tiny NFC chip beside the charging coil connects the Twitch keyboard with your phone. The keyboard acts as a Bluetooth input device, allowing you to comment with memes and emojis as you watch a stream. You can also turn on the spare keycaps into keychain attachments, which you can wear as your Twitch allegiance badge.Funky Wireless Charger With Twitch Emote Keys-2

The gadget has been designed as a promotional concept piece for Twitch Korea. Sad but true the Wireless Charger for Twitch is just a concept, but it is not impossible for any engineer to replicate the design like this and publish the schematics on Reddit. We would love to hear if you end up building such a bad boy and share your creation!Funky Wireless Charger With Twitch Emote Keys-3

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