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German inventor gives the original PC mouse to the museum, there are only four copies of the very first computer mouse worldwide. Rainer Mallebrein, German inventor has given the rare mouse to the museum.

The 85-year-old inventor on Tuesday in Paderborn said “That’s the primal mouse. We were way ahead of our time.

We developed it between 1965 and 1968 when there was no personal computer, not even the word PC.”

The mouse was formerly known as trackball control which the engineer from the ​​Konstanz presented the exhibit as a permanent loan to the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF).

It is supposed to be the world’s largest computer museum.

The mouse was developed by Mallebrein for Telefunken, which the company sold along with the top-notch computer of those times TR 440 in the year 1968.

The mouse was sold only 46 times, where its client were mainly universities described Mallebrein.

The mouse was almost forgotten after the development of the modern computer mouse in the year 1980.

The mouse was developed around the basic principles of the Mallebrein rollerball system, as the 85-year-old and the HNF emphasized.Douglas-Engelbar

Douglas Engelbart from the US presents a PC at the end of 1968, two months after the presentation of the German invention. His mouse was made in Germany, was constructively far superior to that of the American mouse father said Mallebrein.

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