Ghostwriter- AI Typewriter
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Ghostwriter – AI Typewriter is the creation of  engineer turned designer, Arvind Sanjeev. It is a talk back typewriter, where the ghost within the typewriter is GPT-3 from OpenAI which allows the modified typewriter to produce impressive auto type responses with proper human intervention. Ghostwriter- AI Typewriter_1With the advent of AI and ChatGPT may soon replace humans in various job roles. We strongly feel the introduction of AI makes the workforce smarter and enhances the human ability to dream, innovate, and co-create.Ghostwriter- AI Typewriter_4Arvind Sanjeev design, Ghostwriter – AI Typewriter takes inspiration from the vintage Brother typewriter. It looks impressive in a combo of cream, gray, and orange that reflects the intended warm, inviting, and playful aesthetics.  It features an OLED display screen with two two knobs that will allow you to control the AI output while it’s assisting you with a research paper or composing poetry at your behest.Ghostwriter- AI Typewriter_2The GPT3-powered Ghostwriter features an Arduino onboard which reads human prompts and shares them with the Raspberry Pi at the helm that further queries OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. On the way back, the Arduino receives text strings and auto-triggers key presses on the typewriter to type out the AI suggestions on paper.Ghostwriter- AI Typewriter_3By bringing down the co-creation model of human and AI interaction to a typewriter, Sanjeev has managed to minimize “digital distraction” and take us on a “digital journey” to the era of paper and ink. We can therefore understand the creative relationship we are developing with machines through theGhostwriter- AI Typewriter positive or negative. But that’s another story.

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