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Google ever since the launch of its Home smart speaker system has constantly been making changes and coming up with the latest updates. But most of the updates missed out and often requested were the reminders. Finally today an update has been added to the functionality. The news about the reminders update is mentioned on the official Google Home Help page which says “You can set, ask about, and delete reminders on Google Home.” Currently, the update is only available in English and will work in the United States, the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

You will be able to sync Google Home notifications with your other Android devices as you are running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow or higher). You will be able to set up time-based and recurring reminders and also ask Google Assistant about future reminders. Google will be introducing the Location reminders in a future update.

It is easier for you to view the reminders on a phone or a tablet, but as Google Home has no screen it will work a bit differently. In the case of Google Home, the remainder will be announced: “ I have a reminder for Mr. XYZ “ while turning on its light at the same time. It will give a visual cue to indicate that you have received a reminder where the light will remain on for 10 minutes. The users on here’s the reminder or see the light can follow it up saying “OK Google, what’s up?” or simply request what the reminders are.

Wonder how it would be if you have to receive a lot of reminders continuously with Google Home voice alerts, guess would be annoying. So, in that case, you can turn off the notifications as well and stop the assistant from becoming a nuisance.

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