Google Nest Wifi Pro Routers Get Wi-Fi 6E Capability
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Google Nest Wifi Pro routers get Wi-Fi 6E capability with the latest Wi-Fi standards and can act as Thread border routers. 

The development means that the Nest Wifi Pro router will support tri-band Wi-Fi 6E for faster potential speeds and can connect 100 devices per router for a maximum of 300 devices. You will enjoy a huge boost in speed compared to the regular Google Nest Wifi, earlier released in 2019. It was equipped with dual-band 802.11ac capabilities (nowadays known as Wi-Fi 5).

To be able to connect to smart home devices, the Wifi Pro can act as a Thread border router. With the apps and management systems built into Google Home, it lets you control what your kids would see on their screen by blocking content, providing limitations of time usage, or even turning off Wi-Fi access altogether.

Google Nest Wifi Pro Routers Get Wi-Fi 6E Capability

You can also use this WiFi for devices such as smart home appliances. It will work with the matter hub when it launches, which is expected in the fall of 2022 by Google. The app for this WiFi can control devices such as the family management system that blocks content from your kid’s devices and even your access to Wi-Fi entirely.

The Nest wifi system uses machine learning to prioritize high-quality data transfers, such as video chats and streaming video. It will automatically reroute bandwidth according to internet congestion and avoid troublesome slowdowns that can happen when your ISP is experiencing issues.Google Nest Wifi Pro Routers Get Wi-Fi 6E Capability_1If a wire is not an option, you can attach the router to a wireless network. It has two ports, each with the capacity to stream 1Gbps ethernet at any given time. For networking enthusiasts, it should be noted that this router has a 2×2 rather than 4×4 antenna array and it is able to go up to AX5400 speeds.

Google’s reasonably priced single router can cover a 2,200-square-foot area or up to 6,600 square feet with a three-pack. It is also competitively priced with Eero’s Pro 6E for $299 retail and TP-Link’s Wi-fi 6E Deco XE75 for $399 retail. Buying a Nest Wifi Pro three-pack sets users back around $399.99.

You can purchase these routers on October 27th, but you’ll be able to pre-order them starting Monday, October 4th.

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