Hinge Clipboard - A Clip Free Clipboard
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Hinge Clipboard is a clip free clipboard designed by Aoki Ryosaku, Haruta Masayuki & Tsunoda Takashi of idontknow.tokyo is an ultimate minimalist tool for you. 

The popularity of paper tools has raised the problem of analysis paralysis, as people are faced with too many possible choices. The simplest solution is often the best, so a few sheets of blank paper and a clipboard is all you need for your notebook.Hinge Clipboard - A Clip Free Clipboard-1Minimalist notebooks like Moleskine and Leuchtturm are popular because they eliminate distracting designs while still giving you the freedom to use the notebook as you please. These notebooks excel because they only have to be confined to the size of the notebook, not the amount of pages, but staying organized can become difficult.Hinge Clipboard - A Clip Free Clipboard_2The design of the Hinge Clipboard includes a thin flap that tightly squeezes your papers, preventing them from slipping out of order. There is no clip mechanism on the top edge of the clipboard, but it can easily accommodate up to 20 sheets of paper at one time. The clipboard also has a pocket for sheets if you need more space.Hinge Clipboard - A Clip Free Clipboard_3The Hinge Clipboard has two holes. One is near one end, and the other is near the other end. You can clip your pen into either one of those holes when the clipboard is closed. When you open the cover, you’ll see your pen’s clip on the outside and will be able to grab it for immediate use.Hinge Clipboard - A Clip Free Clipboard_4The Hinge Clipboard makes it easy to flip open with a pen and create content on the go. Unlike notebooks, you can decide how many sheets of paper you need for your presentation. The lid’s material is durable enough to be used as a flat surface to write on even when you’re standing up. It also lays flat, taking up minimal space for paper and pen.

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