HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles
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HTC Vive Headsets leaked are honeyed goggles that make you look like a bug-eyed minion. The goggles are an evolution of HTC Project Proton headsets portrayed earlier in 2020.
The VR headset is all set for a launch at the “Go with the Flow” event set to happen on October 14.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-1

The leaked HTC Vive Headsets images have a futuristic vibe with its insect eyes-like design. The images were leaked by popular leaker Evan Blass, who posted convincing images of HTC’s next-gen VR headset.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-2The early images leaked by Evan give an insight into the upcoming HTC VT handset and keeps the tech community engaged. The images reveal the HTC Vive Headset does not look much different than the Project Proton concept headset in terms of the alienating presence.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-3The latest VR handset will have a tethered connection to a tube-shaped device to power up the advanced processing of the gadget. The images suggest the glasses will have no strap design. It is not yet clear how the designers have managed to pull off to manage the balance of weight, this will be clear only once the headset is out there for real. It is also likely they will feature a snap-on face cushion for comfort, adjustable lenses, immersive spatial audio, and an active cooling system.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-4The latest HTC Vive headsets will mostly be used for multimedia content consumption and gaming. While rumors suggest the VR headset will have a microchip less powerful than the Oculus Quest 2 and offer six degrees of freedom tracking. The leaked images do not portray any controllers so we can safely presume the headset will not ship with one. This might prove to be a major limitation when it comes to competing against the Quest 2.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-5The images also reveal HTC Vive Flow VR headset will start accepting pre-order from October 15th, and shipments are promised in early November. The VR headset will be almost $200 pricier than the Quest 2 with a debut price tag of $499. The VR headset will also offer value for money, as buyers will get seven free virtual reality content and carrying cases.HTC Vive Headset Leaked are Honeyed Goggles-6

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