HUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub
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HUB–OX – tiny cubic USB-C Hub that doubles as a laptop stand and for cooling and charging  MacBook Pro. One of the things while working with your creative projects is to have consistent Wifi connectivity and good battery life.

HUB–OX – tiny cubic USB-C is a pocket-sized, eight-in-one USB-C hub, a MacBook Stand designed by Jimlo Z Studio. It offers you the power boost you need to meet your deadlines in time.

The portable and compact HUB–OX is a lightweight, palm-sized USB-C hub, which splits into two halves. It is equipped with plenty of charging slots, HDMI connections, and ethernet portsHUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub

HUB–OX is compatible with MacBook Pro models with four USB-C ports, generally any MacBook Pro from 2016 or any of its succeeding generations.

You can split the HUB–OX into two and plug the USB-C chargers into all four of their MacBook Pro’s ports. This lifts your laptops to an angle of 7.7° and keeps them charged and at eye level for the rest of the day.HUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub

The HUB–OX lifts your MacBook Pros just enough to keep your necks straight and spines against the chairs and offers a better posture while working. The stand also allows better heat accumulation from your laptops’ heat sinks, to keep them nice and cool with their fans low.HUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub

The HUB–OX comes with 100W of power and an HDMI port, it can project 4K pictures at 30Hz. All this makes the HUB–OX a must-have computer accessory for business projects and extended work periods.HUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub

If that is not enough, HUB–OX also comes with WiFI and an RJ45 ethernet port with internet speeds ranging from 10 to 1000Mbps. Once you complete your work the HUB–OX clicks back into its initial box form with magnetic snapping.HUB–OX Tiny Cubic USB-C Hub

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