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Hyundai digital car key will replace car keys with a smartphone and get rid of old school keys and fobs. At the New York Auto Show 2019 Hyundai will present its digital car key for its all-new Hyundai Sonata 2020 which will be launched by the end of this year. The automaker will present the digital key that uses a smartphone app to unlock and start your car.

Hyundai digital key app is secured by Trustonic Application Protection and can be downloaded as a smartphone app. This will replace the traditional use of car keys using Near field communication (NFC) tech in the smartphone.

NFC is used to authorize your smartphone, where one antenna present in the driver’s door takes care of the locking and unlocking function. The other antenna present in the wireless charging pad in the center console starts the car’s engine with the help of your smartphone. Bluetooth LE capability allows you to control select vehicle systems remotely.

The remote capability to start your car works within a radius of 30 feet from the car. Four can be authorized to use the Hyundai car app and allows a seamless and smooth vehicle sharing option. You can also store preferred settings for each user.Hyundai-Digital-Car-Key

You can adjust your side mirrors, radio presets, sound settings and seat positions automatically. Since you can control various function using the digital key, temporary access to deliver to the trunk of your car. Owners of the car can also in the future be able to set geofenced limits and other safeguards.Digital-Car-Key

Trustonic Application Protection secures the digital keys and ensures all the requests are transferred securely and approved by an authorized user. The digital key can prove to be beneficial for car rentals and family and friends who wish to share their car.

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