ikago Heat Coaster Pro - A Smart Table Top Coaster
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ikago Heat Coaster Pro is a smart table top coaster designed by Dennis Peltram and Shuwen Chen. It has the ability to detect your coffee cup’s temperature and heat it up for you. The insulated cup coasters your coffee so that it remains at a consistent temperature and features a sensor and heating film, to keep your coffee hot until you finish it.ikago Heat Coaster Pro - A Smart Table Top Coaster_2The ikago Heat Coaster Pro is a wireless charger for your drinks, which can keep them at the perfect drinking temperature. The design is minimalist and doesn’t take up too much space. It comes with its own cup to get you started, as well as being compatible with cups you already have.ikago Heat Coaster Pro - A Smart Table Top Coaster_1The ikago Heat Coaster Pro displays the temperature you want your beverage at and actively measures the heat in your cup. If it’s below the desired level, it carefully heats up your drink until it is just right. It also gives you a notification on when to drink your coffee or tea for optimal enjoyment.

The ikago Heat Coaster Pro fits any existing mug you have including ceramic, glass and steel mugs, with a working range of 105°F to 175°F (40°C-80°C). When a cup is placed on it the container automatically detects and works only during that period.ikago Heat Coaster Pro - A Smart Table Top Coaster_3The ikago Heat Coaster Pro remembers the temperature from your previous use-cycle. You don’t need to program the coaster every single time. Also unlike its competitors, the ikago Heat Coaster Pro can actively measure how hot or cool your drink is so that every sip you have is as good as the last!

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