Invisible Wireless Charging Surface
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IKEA SJÖMÄRKE is a gadget that turns any desk/table into an invisible wireless charging surface. It remains out of sight and charges your gadgets wirelessly when you place them on furniture surfaces.

IKEA SJÖMÄRKE solves the problem of cluttered wires and offers a wireless charging solution quickly. IKEA has been introducing furniture embedded with wireless charging coils. This time IKEA will allow you to convert a desk, side table, bedside table, or shelf into a wireless charging station that’s hidden from plain sight?

IKEA SJÖMÄRKE is a niche product, where the gadgets remain hidden underneath. The gadget is capable of juicing up your gadgets wirelessly charging them through a wooden or plastic material furniture 8mm – 22mm thick. Though it will not work with a metal furniture top, apart from this wooden furniture for your home would be an ideal material for the gadget.Invisible Wireless Charging Surface-1The IKEA SJÖMÄRKE is themed on a minimalist, clean look and is compatible with the latest Qi 1.2.4 baseline power profile, something you can compare with the power of a 5W charger. You simply place your phone, earbuds, or any other wireless compatible gadget on the desk, and it charges seamlessly like magic. The device comes with a transparent ‘X’ sticker indicating the sweet spot right above the seven-inch by three-inch charger.Invisible Wireless Charging Surface-2IKEA SJÖMÄRKE features LED lights, which indicate the charging status, temperature, and power monitoring. The charger is priced at $40. You can buy one in IKEA stores or online as well in the US and other regions in October.

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