iPhone Wallpapers
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Designer Ben Vessey created iPhone Wallpapers that can automatically change to reflect your phone’s battery level. The technique gives Apple iPhone wallpapers with three stages ie. Full Battery, Low Battery, and Charging.

Vessey is also known for his earlier creation with the retro iOS icon collection. It turns your state of art smartphone into a classic machine with a retro look. The latest offering by Vessey turns your iPhone wallpaper into a massive battery indicator. It alerts you when the battery level changes and notifies you when it’s time to juice up.iPhone Wallpapers

You can grab your Dynamo packs available on Vessey’s website for £3.99. Currently available in two styles with 3 wallpapers each – one containing Apple-inspired artwork, and another with quirky cartoon faces.iPhone Wallpapers

The wallpapers are easy to install using Apple Shortcuts on iPhones 6S and beyond. No messing around with jailbreaking your phone. The dynamic wallpapers are quirky as they even inform you when to plug your charger in and when not to. When your phone’s battery level reaches 20% the low battery wallpaper kicks in to remind you it’s time to charge.iPhone Wallpapers

Wish there was a dynamic wallpaper that would suggest if I’m connected to a WiFi network or my phone’s running on carrier data! You buy one of these dynamic wallpapers for your iPhone here for £3.99 ($5.54)

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