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Key fobs are vital to some of the access control systems, as at times it is not easy to get access to physical keys especially for cars, offices and homes. Key fob works using the RFID technology which makes it far more efficient and superior to the physical keys we all use.

Physical keys are a security risk as employees can misplace it, make a copy of it or use it after office hours to gain access without your knowledge or steal your car.

We have been using the Key fobs since 1983, but as they can also be copied and hacked you do need to be careful they are not stolen. Nonetheless they are efficient, secure and programmable which makes them a reliable gadget to have.

It will help you track, manage and limit access to your premises without using the traditional keys. Key fobs are commonly used by car owners. We bring you everything you want to know about key fobs in this article.

There may be several questions popping up in your head, we have tried to answer the most common that occurred to us.

Can a Locksmith program a Key Fob?

Ideally when you have issues with your Key Fob, is it better to call your car dealership or the lock manufacturer. But this will take time for things to start rolling for you. Also it will cost you more money compared to calling a locksmith. A locksmith on the other hand would turn out to be handy, cost effective and time saving. A locksmith can easily show up your place or car in a short time and fix the issues in an hour or so working around the software codes etc.

So if you wish to save time and money, locksmith can be your choice. It will also depend on how skillful the locksmith is and the key fob programming will depend on the model and the manufacturer of your vehicle. Ideally it should not take more than a couple of hours to get things sorted out.

Can you Reprogram a Key Fob?

Yes you can reprogram a Key Fob, each one of the key fob comes with a guide. The guide contains details on simple ways to reprogram any key fob. This will help you get around reprogramming the key fob.

At times you will have to make an extra effort in finding the exact information related to your specific car model before you start reprogramming. You can find such detailed key fob information from the car manual online or the one that comes with the car.

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Can you Copy a Key Fob?

It is a lot more complicated to Copy a key fob than the normal physical keys. It involves encoding work, which can be done by the dealership or a locksmith company. You can get your key fob replaced online through them. Generally if your key fob operates on 125khz, it comes with an option of buying RFID writer, this will help you copy the original key fob information onto a blank unit.

Broadly speaking you get your Key Fob copied in these three ways

  • Using Online Key Fob Copying Service
  • Contacting the Locksmith or the Manufacturer
  • Using an RFID Writer

Can Key Fobs be Tracked?

Key Fobs constantly emit signals and these can certainly be tracked and hacked. If someone wanted to break into your apartment, or steal your car. They are constantly under attack by cover entry specialists, law enforcement agencies, criminals, and hackers. Even the most sophisticated key fobs built for secure high-end vehicles manufactured in Germany can be easily replicated through the infrared port in the ignition and plugged into a laptop by hackers. More attention is being given by car manufacturers towards the design defects in their wireless entry systems and we can see better solutions showing up for sure.

How to Change Battery in Key Fob?

Last but not the least you don’t want to end with your key fob not responding to you when you touch or have trouble recognizing the proximity or going dead. All you need is a flat-tipped screwdriver and a new battery.

  1. Find the notch to open the Key Fob
  2. Use the screwdriver to pop it open
  3. Remove the battery, check the specifications and replace it with a new battery with same specs.
  4. Snap the Key Fob to shut.