Kubota Glass - Special Eyeglasses That Can Cure Myopia Or Nearsightedness
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Kubota Glass has created special eyeglasses that can cure myopia or nearsightedness. The two conditions are extremely common vision conditions that affect a lot of people. 

People suffering from this can focus on objects that are close, with ease, but struggle with items that are placed further away. The items at a distance appear blurred or unclear. People who spend too much time focusing on nearby items cause the eyeball to actually change its shape over time making it too long front to back. Kubota Glass - Special Eyeglasses That Can Cure Myopia Or Nearsightedness_3Kubota Glass’ new design is powered by a long-distance controllable projection, which helps the eyes to recover from protuberant myopia. People should wear the glasses for at least two hours a day, usually during periods of comfort such as resting in their home. This will create an illusion of looking at items from far away, even though the person doesn’t have myopia at all.The prevalence of Myopia is so vast, it’s predicted that by the year 2050 half of the world’s population will be affected by this common condition. Japanese pharmaceutical startup Kubota has come up with special glasses, i.e. Kubota Glass, that can improve or even cure Myopia.Kubota Glass - Special Eyeglasses That Can Cure Myopia Or Nearsightedness_1Dr. Kubota and associates have been experimenting with blurriness of images projected on the edges of people’s eyes in order to change the length of their eyes. Over a long period of time, they created various devices using different methods, and found that it is possible to shorten someone’s axial length by narrowing the light that enters their eye.Kubota Glass - Special Eyeglasses That Can Cure Myopia Or Nearsightedness_2Related Articles:
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