Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s State-Of-The-Art Night Vision 
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The Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s state-of-the-art night vision can easily capture what’s ahead of you and even behind you irrespective of the time of the day or the weather conditions. With its advanced 7-glass lens, a Sony CMOS sensor, and an algorithm that rivals even the ones found on a GoPro allows you to see as far as 984 feet in the dark. 

The Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam features an upgraded 75° FOV camera on the front, a wide 170° camera on the rear, and the ability to see as far as 984ft even at night, in clear 1080p Full HD, something you won’t get to see any other dashcams.

Designed by Lanmodo Design is priced around $399 features a Sony CMOS sensor with a 7-glass lens array and an aperture of F1.0 to achieve 0.0001 lux of night vision. This technology offers a starlight-level low light imaging technology that vastly outperforms other dashcams in its class. Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s State-Of-The-Art Night Vision -1When you compare the Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam with others, footage taken at dusk looks like it was captured in proper daylight. The algorithm in it maintains the brightness and exposure of the video which makes it easy to manage bright objects like headlights that get overexposed in artificially brightened night-vision videos. In bad weather conditions where visibility is bad the dashcam’s image signal processing capabilities help boost visibility allowing the camera to see clearly despite the rain, fog, and snow.Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s State-Of-The-Art Night Vision -2The Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam 8-inch large display captures video from the front and rear dash cams and features an SD card, with a capacity of up to 128GB of storage. You can record up to 28 hours of continuous video footage while only the front camera is recording with the 128GB storage. While the new footage rolls over the old footage to ensure 24-hours of continuous parking monitoring. It also features a built-in collision detection sensor that can instantly record footage during an accident or impact, storing and logging it separately for you to review at any time. The best part is the video doesn’t get deleted or recorded over unless manually removed.Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s State-Of-The-Art Night Vision -3The two cameras i.e. a front camera + display enable you to independently install at a position that gives you the least amount of glare, and an add-on IP67 waterproof rear camera with night-vision tech that you can freely place inside or outside the car.Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam’s State-Of-The-Art Night Vision -4The front and rear cameras have a FOV of 75° and 170° respectively and can record at 1080p. The Lanmodo Vast M1 Dashcam also supports multiple languages which include English, Chinese (Simplified + Traditional), Spanish, Japanese, French, Korean, and Portuguese. The deliveries for the Lanmodo Vast M1 dashcam start in April 2022.

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