Lenovo builds Worlds First Foldable laptop
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We are already witnessing a number of foldable smartphones coming up. Now Lenovo builds the world’s first foldable laptop. But with Samsung canceling the launch of Galaxy Fold at the last moment, the question begins to arise regarding the design and durability of the product as it broke when given to a handful of reviewers.

Lenovo would be happy to keep all that out of our minds and present us with the latest foldable laptop. The latest foldable laptop will be an all-screen laptop.

Lenovo announced its first ThinkPad X1 foldable prototype laptop annual sales event today. The event focused on a showcase where the company sees the future of computing is heading towards. Today at the event the company demonstrated a working prototype of the device which will replace how an average person uses a computer daily. The foldable laptop will offer users a large screen, Window-based device in a small package.

Lenovo did not reveal the price of the device but confirmed it was an X1 line product and meant for high-end computers.

Lenovo is still adding some finishing touches to the products. A physical keyboard is missing that will fit into it, this could take some time before it is released.

The company stated that it has been working on the device for the last three years and it will not be until 2020 that the device will be released, certainly does not want to make the same mistake made by Samsung to hastily launch its Galaxy Fold.

It is clear though from the looks that the prototype certainly is not a rough product. It looks neat and finished with a hinge that allowed the screen to sturdily tilt up to a variety of viewing angles. You can manage to fold it up like a traditional laptop as well and it has no problems while running on Windows.

It comes with a large 13.3-inch high-resolution display which looks nice, sharp, and bright though a bit curved.

The device is more of a work-in-progress stage, it surely suggests Lenovo is looking towards the future, though it is still unclear what the future will be.

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