Lepulse Lescale F4 a Smart Weighing Scale on A Budget
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Lepulse Lescale F4 is a smart weighing scale on a budget that enables you to calculate everything from BMI to even your Muscle mass. A perfect device with a sleek design and weightless for the health conscious users. Lepulse Lescale F4 a Smart Weighing Scale on A Budget_1Don’t let the looks of Lepulse Lescale F4 deceive you, as it features 4 high-precision G-sensors that can capture more than just your weight. The smart weighing scale can measure your BMI, heart rate, body fat, body water, body age, fat-free body weight, protein, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, heart index, skeletal muscle, bone mass, and BMR. This means it can capture data that’s much more valuable than just your weight.Fitdays & fitness appsThe data inputs collected enable you to upgrade your life by altering your eating habits, altering and adjusting your workouts, and overall living a healthier life! Lepulse Lescale F4 can be all yours for just $61 $89.9 before the deal ends Sept 14th.Lepulse Lescale F4 a Smart Weighing Scale on A Budget_2Lepulse Lescale F4 measures physiological metrics, unlike a standard weighing scale. It does this by using small electrical currents to measure how much resistance your body offers when standing on the machine and calculates weight, bone and muscle mass based off of these measurements. The machine also records heart rate so you can use it to track goals throughout the day.

Lepulse Lescale F4 tracks your weight, fat percentage, heart rate and other data points on a large LCD display and also sends information to the Fitdays app on your phone. The Fitdays app can create up to 24 profiles for different family members that get logged separately, and the app’s algorithm turns data into graphs for you. 

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