LG Puricare Face Mask With Built-in Mic And Speakers
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LG Puricare Face Mask with built-in mic and speakers, three fans, and a couple of upgraded version HEPTA filters to keep most pathogens out.

A few years ago we would not have thought about face masks being in line for high-tech upgrades. Now there are many company’s venturing into developing high-tech face masks such as Razer, Mastercard, Will.i.am, Ollie Butt, and more.

LG Puricare Face Mask features a smaller and lighter motor and built-in microphones and speakers. Thanks to the VoiceON technology used, it helps to automatically amplify the wearer’s voice while talking. This makes it easier to communicate with others.LG Puricare Face Mask_1

LG Puricare Face Mask weighs 94 grams and is powered by a 1,000mAh battery with a recharge time of two hours. According to the company, users can wear it for around 8 hours without discomfort. Though you need to understand it is a mask and you feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

The LG Puricare Face Mask is designed ergonomically which minimizes air leakage around the nose and chin to create a tight but comfortable seal for hours.

The latest version of LG Puricare Face Mask targets active individuals slated to come to Thailand in August. The mask has been worn by the Thai Olympics team on their way to the summer games in Tokyo.LG Puricare Face Mask

The LG Puricare Face Mask will launch in other markets depending on the approvals from the local regulatory authorities. The presence and acceptability of the product in broader markets need to be seen.

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