LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers
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The LG Sound View Speaker concept is an audiovisual treat for gamers, as it offers light and sound which play a critical role when it comes to creating an immersive experience. Designers Jinseon Lee, Seungchan Ahn, Subin Park have worked on this soundbar concept prompted by LG Electronics and the Korea Design Membership Plus.  They have managed to pull in the right balance while putting emphasis on video and audio depending on the latest trend. 

The latest soundbars these days are designed to blend in nicely with the extremely thin TVs with external speakers. The soundbars are designed with a minimalist aesthetic which makes them blend with the background and hardly makes their presence felt.  The LG Sound View speaker tends to push aside all these conventions and offers users a sight for sore eyes while playing a game or watching a video.LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers_1The LG Sound View Speaker features a visualizer that matches its lighting to the beat of the audio being played through the speakers. This is not present in most of the conventional visualizers, the LG Sound View Speaker can also adapt to the colors of the video when played on a connected TV or monitor. Sound view sync’s its colors with the visuals of the game or video. Additionally, it also takes into account the usual acoustic metrics like volume or pitch.LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers_2The device manages to offer a new and unique experience in a way that doesn’t distract your attention from the main visual focus of the experience by matching its colors to that of the TV. LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers_3It would be amazing to see the additional feature where users can customize the visuals to suit their preferences even if it will clash with the game’s colors.LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers_4Just like other soundbars, the LG Sound View also utilizes a mix of steel and fabric materials which give structural integrity and an organic appeal to it. The large embossed buttons on top of it make it easy to operate the speaker with the sense of touch to differentiate each control. Additionally, you can control it with your smartphone via the app where you can also pick a color scheme of your choice. LG Sound View Speaker Concept An Audiovisual Treat for Gamers_5

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