LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet
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LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet is something that will keep you safe while riding your bike. Most of the bikes commonly come with minimal safety features, maybe a bike bell and a regular helmet. Winner of iF Gold Award for 2021, LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet is focused on making bicycle riding smart and safe.

There are a number of collisions and accidents which can be avoided. We had some of the safety features we have in cars like headlight, taillight, indicators, and horn. These go a long way in making it safe for bicycle riders.

LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet not only protects your head but makes the motorist and pedestrians aware of your presence and helps avoid a collision.

LIVALL has designed the smart helmet aerodynamically while its outer shell comes with a wide beam angle front light, a super bright 270° rear light, and two turn indicators. The lights offer 360° visibility to people around you, they are controlled by a tiny remote strapped to your handlebar. The wide beam-angle headlights are great as they offer good visibility. The beam of light shining from it is wide horizontally which makes it easy for the oncoming traffic to spot you.LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet

The 270° tail light at the back is visible from the rear and sides and comes with built-in turn indicators controlled from the handlebar remote.

LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet is integrated with accelerometer sensors that sense when you’re slowing down and stopping, automatically flashing the brake light for motorists behind you and remind them to keep a safe distance.

The smart helmet comes with a feature that can be helpful in case of an emergency. It is able to detect when you collide or fall off your bike, it shoots out an SOS alert with your GPS location to your designated emergency contact within LIVALL’s smartphone app.

The LIVALL app offers you a 90-second window to cancel a false alert, for example when you drop your helmet by mistake.LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike HelmetAs the smart helmet is designed aerodynamically it is able to channel airflow, this limits the drag as well as keeps your head ventilated.

The outer layer of the smart helmet is made from tough Polycarbonate, it absorbs and distributes the impact force and prevents it from transferring to your head. The intermediary layer on the other hand is made from special Polysource PSI impact-resistant material, it adds a secondary layer of shock absorption. On the inside, there is a memory foam that offers you cushioning, comfort, and a snug fit. For a more perfect fit, you can adjust the helmet using the strap around your chin, or a knob on the back. The other cool feature is the vents on the front, you can dock your sunglasses here.LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet weighs 350gms(0.77 pounds) which makes it light for you to wear it for long hours without feeling the strain. The internal batteries offer a 10 hours usage time and also feature a magnetic charger in the box to recharge the battery and is IPX5 waterproof.LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike HelmetThe helmets are available in medium, large sizes and a variety of colors for you to choose from. You can also keep track and share your rides, miles, and daily cycling records with a tight-knit community of global riders – is compatible with both Android as well as iOS and supports 12 different languages.

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