Liza Configurable Remote Control
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Liza configurable remote control will solve all hangups you have with a complicated remote and flat smartphone as it offers your fingers a familiar sensation. Liza is designed by Ruwido and it offers a dedicated remote control that can free your phone for other uses and configure the remote to operate with one of your fingers. 

There is an influx of smart home devices in many households lately, from lights, speakers, TVs, and more. Everything can be controlled with the help of a smartphone, but now Liza configurable remote control can take charge of all this for you. Liza Configurable Remote Control_1The traditional TV remote is quite a pain as far as usability and simplicity are concerned with the number of buttons. Yet it proves to be the crowd favorite because of the tactile and haptic feedback it has on our minds. It kind of develops muscle memory, though some smart TV remote lacks the essential buttons making them a bit inflexible. 

Smartphones are like a bridge where you can change the controls without a moment’s notice for any of the smart devices around, though they do not offer the physical feeling of controls like with a remote. Also, the phone remains occupied when you use it as a remote, which means you cannot access social media. Liza configurable remote control is what the doctor ordered for you, as it’s a perfect blend of all three worlds. Liza Configurable Remote Control_2The Liza configurable remote control comes with minimal buttons, unlike a typical remote. It does have buttons that are three to four times that on an Apple TV remote. 

The concave shape of its button is what sets it as they are tiny touch screens that provide haptic feedback when pressed. These buttons give out vibrations that give better tactile feedback, even if they’re not exactly like a physical button that you can feel when it goes down at each press, which is missing when you use a smartphone. Liza Configurable Remote Control_3Liza configurable remote control can be programmed to show the icons that you assigned for each button. This includes cover art for your favorite albums or playlists, eliminating the guesswork when switching between different smart appliances. This helps develop the muscle memory that conventional remotes are best known for. 

The only other thing Liza configurable remote control needs to do now is to support more smart home products and services that go beyond Spotify, Sonos, Philips Hue, and some TVs.Liza Configurable Remote Control_4

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