Logitech Logi Dock - All-in-One Dock
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Logitech Logi Dock is the best all-in-one dock, a sort of universal remote for all your gadgets and appliances from your desktop to webcam, microphone, and speakers.

Logitech Logi Dock enables you to easily control your online presence with one simple device. It features a simple set of buttons at the front to allow you to join and leave meetings, mute and unmute your mic. You can also toggle your webcam with them.

The Logitech Logi Dock at the back has ports that enable you to connect all your desktop peripherals to the Logi Dock offering a wire-free clutter-free workplace. The device is also compatible with all leading video conferencing platforms, this makes online collaborations and meetings as easy for you.Logitech Logi Dock - All-in-One Dock-1This tends to be different while working at home since at the office your workstation is configured by the IT department. This is relatively easy when you log into a meeting, attend it and actually log off and shut down the system, and leave the office. While at you need to set up the entire process right from the software, getting the peripherals, and so on.Logitech Logi Dock - All-in-One Dock-4Logitech Logi Dock acts as your personal IT guy, sets up the workspace for you to get your work started quickly and smoothly. No more clutters of wires, peripherals, and ports. The dock features five USB peripherals and up to two monitors can be connected while charging your laptop up to 100W and even giving you the ability to juice your phone/tablet.

Logitech Logi Dock - All-in-One Dock-2Finally, when the workspace is all set up, Logitech Logi Dock’s buttons make life easy for you when you need to enter or exit a meeting, access the webcam, or use the headset.Logitech Logi Dock - All-in-One Dock-5

The buttons on the dock can also be used to switch off or on the mic or use the advanced speakerphone system while attending the meetings without headphones. The speakerphone also doubles up as a music system, no need for an extra set of desktop speakers on your desk.

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