LOKLIK Crafter - Cutting Machine Makes Working With Crafts And Projects Like Magic
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The LOKLIK Crafter is a cutting machine that enables you to work with crafts and DIY projects like magic. 

Craft projects involve a lot of cutting and various types of papers with a lot of irregular shapes. This can be a daunting task, especially for newbies trying their hand with craft. 

This is where the LOKLIK Crafter comes into the picture, as this intelligent machine offers a hassle-free cutting experience and makes a perfect cut every time.

You might think LOKLIK Crafter is just for printing documents because it looks like a large and expensive printer. But that comparison wouldn’t do it justice. The LOKLIK Crafter is designed to be simple to use, which also means making an adjustment in where you place it. It’s not just a pretty face, though. Its powerful features and convenient design give crafters the freedom to focus on creative work rather than having to perfect cuts.LOKLIK Crafter - Cutting Machine Makes Working With Crafts And Projects Like Magic_1Most cutting machines can’t work quickly and quietly, or help you avoid making a mess. Except for LOKLIK Crafter. Its accurate tracking performance makes cutting complex shapes and patterns a breeze – even when you’re running out of ideas, there are free designs available from  LOKLIK’s app to help you get started or provide ready-to-use graphics you can use in your project.

The LOKLIK Crafter is designed to make crafting easier for a variety of materials, like cardstock and vinyl. It can work with a wide range of sizes up to 12 inches wide and an unlimited length. You no longer have to worry about cutting down the material beforehand, and you can even work with continuous sheets of material to save time. The Crafter has two ports that are compatible with pens and paintbrushes, which means you can draw letters and patterns by plugging them into one of its output ports.LOKLIK Crafter - Cutting Machine Makes Working With Crafts And Projects Like Magic_2LOKLIK Crafter creation makes crafting accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level. Included in the package is a weeding-scrap collector, which keeps your work area clean and tidy so you can maintain your projects easily. The cutting machine is compatible with phones and computers via Bluetooth or USB and can be used offline, so you don’t have to worry about sudden interruptions disrupting your work.

LOKLIK Crafter is the ultimate DIY assistant as it’s fast, quiet, easy to use, and easy on the eyes, enabling you to work with the ultimate DIY assistant that cuts to the chase and lets you turn ideas into captivating crafts with minimum hassle and fuss. The LOKLIK Crafter can be all yours for a price of $99 on launch day ($109 for a Super Early Bird price which includes a LOKLIK Workshop Lifetime Premium Membership).  Get your hands on this stylish and powerful cutting machine to let your creativity fly and bring your dream designs to life.

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