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Luzli manufactures the handcrafted luxury headphones in Switzerland that rolls up into a ball making it convenient to carry around. They are made from aluminum and steel headbands that fit your head snugly and comfortably.

The Roller MK02 and Roller MK01 which comes with a much more compact design take the design inspiration from Swiss handmade watches. The headband is identical to a watch strap where the aluminum and steel segments fold together to offer a comfortable fit.

The company claims that Roller MK01 is the smallest headphone in the world as far as the form factor is concerned.

Unlike other folding headphones which use plastic, the ROLLER is built to last and uses the same high-quality materials that you might expect from a premium watch.

The luxury headphone is built to last and comes with sustainable parts that will not easily wear out. The cables and earpads are made from quality materials and are replaceable which means the headphones can last a lifetime. They come with the 3.5 mm jacks on devices, maybe in a decade or so this might be a reason to worry as many smartphone manufacturers are also building phones without the 3.5 mm jack.Luxury-Headphones

The company spent nearly three years in the development of Custom dynamic drivers for the luxury headphones ie 30mm for the MK01 and 40mm for the MK02.

The company goes on to say that the baffles, acoustic chambers, foam earpads, and bass ports were all specially-tuned for these particular headphones.Luxury-Headphones_4

The headphones come with luxury written all over it, the MK01 will cost around t £2,880, while the MK02 is priced at £3,840. The MK01 comes in two color variants black and silver while the MK02 comes only in silver.

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