M1 Mac Mini One Heck of  A Macbook Option
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M1 Mac Mini designed by Scott Yu-Jan features an interactive iPad mini display which makes one heck of a Macbook option. The M1 Mac Mini is the perfect alternative to a laptop for someone who wants to leave the laptop behind and travel light with a handy computer at your service when you may need it.M1 Mac Mini One Heck of  A Macbook Option-1In terms of performance, the Apple M1 chipset offers amazing processing power in all the new Macbooks. The other good move on the part of Apple was to update its existing products like the Mac Mini instead of completely coming up with something new. All this adds up to make the M1 Mac Mini a powerhouse. Beyond comparison, it stands out with its form and styling and is a reliable option for anyone looking for power and portability.M1 Mac Mini One Heck of  A Macbook Option-2Scott Yu-Jan has come up with a design idea of a portable M1 Mac Mini, which is a combination of an iPad Mini, and a MacBook alternative for heavy-duty workaholics. It will allow them to enjoy the power of M1 on the go without owning a MacBook.M1 Mac Mini One Heck of  A Macbook Option-3The M1 Mac Mini lacks in terms of power and hence is limited to indoor use only until the designer comes up with an alternative to provide more battery power to it. The 3D printed parts can be assembled as a case to slide the Mac Mini and attach an iPad Mini to it, as an interactive display for it. Additionally, you can connect the two devices via a USB to a USB-C cable. The device is accompanied by cable holders, a quick-release clasp, this enables the two devices to be used independently when you’re back home. There is also an Allen key which you can use to tighten the screws as and when required.M1 Mac Mini One Heck of  A Macbook Option-4If you are planning on buying a MacBook, the portable Mac Mini could be a good alternative to go with. In the future, you may perhaps love to have a workstation that can possibly pair with your iPad Mini and a favorite keyboard. Well, Apple may also have a card up its sleeve with a new large foldable rolling out. 

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