MacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design
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ZONEofTECH (YouTube channel) has presented MacBook Air M2 2022 renders that give an insight into its future design. A new Macbook Air was expected to be launched earlier this month at the Apple Peek Performance Event, instead the company introduced a few other devices. It is still not clear when the new MacBook Air will launch.

In the meantime, ZONEofTECH has released MacBook Air M2 renders and we will discuss the tech specs we can expect from the leaks and speculations.MacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design-1Numerous leaks making rounds shed light on what the new MacBook Air 2022 will look like. One such leak suggests the latest MacBook Air will be powered by an all newM2 chip. Additionally, it will coincide with the 2021 MacBook Pro’s design language and steal colorways from the iMac.Ever since it was launched in 2008, the MacBook Air has gone through a number of alterations. We currently have the M1-powered version of MacBook Air which is all set for a transformation in terms of design, power, and colors – in 2022.MacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design-2Speculations mentioned that the MacBook Air will be available in multiple colors. This will also include the gold, silver, and space grays we are used to. Additionally, they are also expected to be rolled out in a multitude of hues that would match the iMac colors. The renders posted showing off the new MacBook Air renders in multiple colorsMacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design-3ZONEofTECH, MacBook Air 2022 designs look identical to the 14-inch MacBook Pro with a rounded body and unify the entire MacBook lineup to look the same. Looks to match Apple’s idea to have a unified design approach for the entire MacBook Air lineup in the past.MacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design-4Though the renders suggest the upcoming MacBook Air may seem slightly thick. It is modeled with all ports aligned and has a notch perhaps to unify the MacBook lineup. We can also expect to have a 1080p camera and a thin bezel similar to the MacBook Pro. Keeping the design unification in mind the designer has presented a large keyboard with its length slightly trimmed, while the width remains the same as on the 14-inch MacBook Pro.MacBook Air M2 2022 Renders Give Insight to its Future Design-5The latest MacBook Air will be the first device to be powered by the M2 chip. It is expected in purple, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and white color variants. It will also offer a MagSafe and will approximately cost around $1,100. The MacBook Air is expected to reach the markets between June and September. 

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