Tiny Laser Device Will Replace All Measuring Tools You Use
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MEAZOR, this tiny laser device will replace all measuring tools you use. You may belong to any field such as architecture, engineering or designing you will always be using a number of tools. Tools such as measuring tape, laser measuring gun, spirit-level, protractor, and even your scale/ruler. These tools have helped mankind measure distances, scan floor plans, calculate angels, convert measurements, and more.

MEAZOR the tiny laser device will change this with a touch of technology and style designed by Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design. The device offers a design and form factor that makes it look identical to the iconic Motorola Aura from 2008.

Don’t let its size mislead you as it is a power-packed measuring device. MEAZOR can measure curved paths, work as a contour gauge and save all your metrics to your phone.

Design is composed of a wheel on one side to measure the distances by rolling on the surfaces. The laser guide on the other side enables you to use it as an accurate 2D scanner and laser measurer. Between the two you will notice a multitouch display and a single button that will allow you to measure distance, save metrics and share them on your phone. The details of the measurements, scans, etc are sent to your phone. You can edit, modify, update, convert metrics and share the drawing and plans in popular formats.Tiny Laser Device Will Replace All Measuring Tools You Use

All this is done without any mess, you no longer need the tapes, spirit levels, rolls of blueprint, or the patience. Get your tasks done super easily in a few seconds.

The device also comes with its own app, this allows you to pair it with your smartphone. MEAZOR can measure small as well as large distances, small ones you can roll along the given lines, while for large distances you can use the laser scan. Mounting MEAZOR on a tripod swiveling it 360° will enable you to generate an accurate floor plan of a room in just seconds. Alter between metric and imperial units from within the device and even program it to scale up or down your measurements by any factor. You can share your plans directly with other devices via Bluetooth, also you can bring them up in the MEAZOR app on your phone and do CAD level editing on them from the MEAZOR app.Tiny Laser Device Will Replace All Measuring Tools You Use

The floor plans can be saved to your phone as vector data, to draw, edit or update. You can easily populate floor plans of windows, doors, stairs, wall thickness from your smartphone. Though you will need a computer running the CAD software. After you finish editing the vectors and 2D maps you can also export and share them with your clients, collaborators, or contractors.

MEAZOR is an impressive tiny laser device, it is the smallest laser room scanner available right now. It replaces practically every measuring tool from protractor to an inch tape. The device is powered by an STM32 microprocessor which makes its gauge accurate up to 82 feet or 25 meters. The device comes with a 30-day battery standby time and is shipped with Type-C charging cable, a mini-tripod (for room scans), and a small screwdriver.Tiny Laser Device Will Replace All Measuring Tools You Use

The price of the essential MEAZOR bundle is $129 with an additional $29 for replacement parts, a soft rubber cover case, and a circular screen guard. You can also upgrade to the expert MEAZOR bundle for an additional $49 this will provide you with an aluminum tripod, a 32-inch extension bar, and a softshell EVA carrying case for the entire kit.

You buy one here for $129.