Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse - Microsoft Wireless Mouse
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While Surface devices steal the limelight, the Microsoft wireless mouse made out of recycled ocean plastic looks interesting. The latest product is called the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse.

The outer shell of the wireless mouse is made from 20% recycled ocean plastic and it is created from waste recovered from oceans and waterways, this is processed into resin pellets. These pellets are later mixed with other materials to produce the outer shell.

The mouse comes in a wood and sugarcane fiber box, this too is completely recycled and does not use any plastic. You can send your old mouse for free and Microsoft will recycle it for you. Ocean Plastic Mouse is a small step on the part of Microsoft in its “larger sustainability journey.”Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse The mouse has three customizable buttons, supports Bluetooth 4.0 at a range of up to 33 feet. According to Microsoft, the peripheral will run for up to 12 months on a single AA battery. You can also connect with your computer via SwiftPair using the mouse. The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse will start shipping on October 5th, it is the same day Windows 11 will be released. The mouse will cost $25.Microsoft Wireless MouseRelated Articles:

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