Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender
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Millo Air is a new generation motorless magnetic blender designed by Adomas Trakselis & Julius Bucelis. It is a silent wireless, motorless, sleek, touch-sensitive, and magnetically powered design. 

What makes the Millo Air special is it has not no interlocking parts, no ugly knobs, no wires, no areas for dirt to get trapped in. Since it’s a motorless magnetic blender it has no motors making it silent. Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_2Millo Air used Magnetic Air Drive to power the blender’s blades, all you need to do is rest the blending jar on its flat docking system. A snap will connect the two and the touch sensitive panel on the dock allows you to operate the blender. 

Customers can blend up delicious drinks with Millo Air, and then just pick the jar up off its base to sip on the go. Millo Air is wireless, lightweight, and has a powerful battery that allows you to use it in any location. You can buy it on Kickstarter for $189 discount price. Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_1Millo Air offers more power, control and sleeker form factor than its predecessor. With built-in magnets and a streamlined design, this compact blender will fit perfectly into any work station and is one of the most powerful blenders on the market today

Compared to Apple, a company or design can seem like hyperbole, but with Millo Air, it’s not. The product’s design is so indistinguishable from magic that it looks and feels decades ahead of plug-in blenders. It comes in pure white with a transparent jar made out of Tritan, a crystal-clear food-safe plastic. You won’t see any knobs or control panels on the Millo Air; it’s easy to use and might be the most understated part about the product: its lack of overt engineering details.Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_3Using the Millo Air is simple. Open the jar, pop your ingredients in, and close it shut. Once done, place the jar on its magnetic dock and use the touch-sensitive control panel to get started. The magnetic air drive kicks in, getting the blades to spin at whopping speeds of up to 15,000 RPM without any sound (because there’s no motor involved) with a power output of 10W that’s more than enough to blitz even an entire carrot to pulp in mere seconds.

To use a Millo, pour ingredients into the jar and place it on the magnetic dock. Once everything is set up, the air drive will kick in, making the blades spin at speeds of up to 15,000 RPM. With no motor connected, there is no sound and power output of 10W is more than enough to chop through fruits and vegetables.Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_4Millo Air has an extensive list of advanced features that sets it apart from competitors, such as the ability to control both consistency and smoothness. If your blend is too chunky, then all you need to do is turn the dial in order to adjust consistency. The Millo Air will automatically stop when desired, or if blades are overheated, at which point speeds are decreased for safety reasons.Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_5The Millo Air is waterproof, child-safe and easy to maintain. The magnetic peg on the wall holds the Millo Air as it charges, so you can simply place the jar of blended smoothie in your bag.Millo Air - New Gen Motorless Magnetic Blender_6In addition to its abilities, Millo Air includes an app that lets you browse recipes and even remotely control your blender. It also includes “smart lids” that recognize personalized settings automatically–making Millo Air the most intuitive blender you have seen.

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