Modular Thin Metal Wallet
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The modular thin Metal Wallet will make you forget the age-old bifold wallet. Gone are the days where you required a pouch to carry change and probably a few nuggets of gold on you. Bifold wallets came into existence probably with the introduction of banknotes. Today we are in an age where we would need to rethink if we still need to carry a bi-fold wallet around with us?

The Fantom R, metal wallet is a modern wallet, it comes with machine aluminum chassis with multiple functions and is incredibly slim. The Fantom R is a 9mm thick wallet that can hold 7 cards, banknotes, coins, or even 3 keys. The built-in RFID blocking feature keeps you protected against digital theft. To keep you protected from physical theft the Metal Wallet has an optional tracking device. Already starting to feel like keeping my bifold wallet in a museum.Age-Old Bifold WalletThe Fantom R is available in 3 sizes i.e. 7, 10, 13 card capacity and you can customize the wallet to suit your style. The first customization you can do is the decorative plates that come at the back and front of the wallet. You can go for wooden plates, leather surfaces, or carbon fiber panels. The company also offers a Fantom S, an all-metal variant. You can customize the money clip, choose from the 10 different colors available to give the metal wallet its character. Apart from this, it offers 6 modular upgrades to easily onto the metal wallet.Modular Thin Metal WalletThe upgrades include a coin holder, an enclosed banknote holder, a key holder, a tracking device, an ID holder, or a silicone band. Only one module can be installed at a time, this gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the way your wallet functions.

For users with a priority to carry keys can carry around 3 keys that you can fold out and use when you need them. For those requiring to carry coins, the coin holder would be a good option. While for someone who forgets his wallet the tracker would help locate your wallet using your phone.Modular Thin Metal WalletUnlike bi-fold wallets that are bulky, the Fantom R is slim and can carry a maximum of up to 13 cards. The 7 card Fantom R is as slim as a smartphone and can easily slide inside your pocket. You can easily access the card as the Fantom R comes with a trigger mechanism that fans out all the cards. Arrange the cards according to your priority.

FantomR_Modular Thin Metal WalletThe Fantom R aluminum body ensures it lasts long and the aluminum chassis offers wallet impact resistance. The cards will hold in place even if you drop the wallet as the fan-out mechanism is strong. The metal wallet comes with a lifetime warranty, the Fantom R wallet would cost you around $94. Depending on the additional modules and customization the prices will add up accordingly.