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Mouse-1 is a millennium falcon-inspired gaming mouse, where the minimum is good. Jake Lee of acasso is the designer behind this minimal gaming mouse for fraegment.

Mouse-1 is a wireless gaming mouse, the design is futuristic and hipster in a neat minimal package. It will give the range of RGB-enabled gaming mouse designs a run for their money. It is one mouse that proves minimal is the best.

Designer Jake Lee designed Mouse-1 inspired by his love of sci-fi games and Air Jordan. According to him, “The goal was to design a mouse that carries the gaming DNA in a more subtle and minimalist manner. There are so many gaming mice that scream rainbow RGB lighting with complex programmable buttons that contribute to their maximalist appearance. Mouse-1’s aesthetics is intentionally aimed at those who pursue a minimalist gaming setup.”Mouse1The Mouse-1 is designed brilliantly with a speckled white and black texture, it creates an interesting base on which the entire structure is based. The two sides of the mouse adorn the white lights, along the back and the scroll wheel. It’s the graduation of the lights that really make it a real beauty. The use of a translucent polycarbonate rear bumper diffuses this halftone patterned LED light which gives the look. You can also customize the color of the mouse with various third-party lighting apps.Mouse1The Tech world was shaken after the launch of the Apple iMac, with its 7 color options a trendsetter would be surprised if this pattern was not followed by others.FRAEGMENT-MOUSE-1The Mouse-1 styling seems to be timeless, it will seldom go out of style. The black color variant of Mouse-1 will be perfect for a darkroom setup.

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