Smart Punching Bag
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Exercise is the best way to relieve stress, but it can be boring at times to run on a treadmill. MoveIt Speed is a smart punching bag that offers you more than just fitness where you can enjoy the sport of boxing.

A few punches will not only relieve a lot of your frustration at work but also take the workout to another level.

MoveIT Speed uses patented technology which allows it to determine the direction, strength, and speed of the user’s strike and provide precision real-time feedback.

The adjustable response speed can help you improve your hand-eye coordination. You can enjoy it as an amateur or for extreme training such as martial art and defense training.

The sensors placed will give you accurate feedback. It also comes with other features which will provide you details like a number of workout routines and games to help you train.

The MoveIT Fitness App helps you choose just the right routine for you and choose the online coach of your choice for an effective workout in a short time.

The app not only allows you to release stress but you can also become socially active. You can challenge your friends,  colleagues, etc, and move up the ladder as the number one boxer in your community. You can buy one here early.