MTC - Quirky Storage Cabinet
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MTC – Quirky Storage cabinet inspired by IBM’s magnetic tape unit is developed by Love Hulten. It takes us back down memory lane, IBM released its 2401 Magnetic Tape Unit in 1964. It was widely used with IBM’s popular System 360 family of computers. Love Hulton was inspired by the iconic IBM 2401 Magnetic Tape Unit design to create the quirky storage cabinet called MTC.

The cabinet shines in red and blue color and white background. It is an ideal piece of furniture for you to store all sorts of items.

Even though it’s making an appearance after 57 years don’t expect the design to offer you the functionality of a magnetic tape unit. It does have DS motors, blinking LEDs, and audio streaming of vintage computer sound samples but it’s all for aesthetics.MTC_Cabinet

The cabinet has a control unit on the top which is run by an Arduino board. You can control the motors, light, and audio through it, while the lower section performs well as an actual cabinet.

You can store a number of objects from your office supplies to other items as it has ample space. The MTC cabinet unit is ideal for modern home space, in fact, you can also move it to your office.

A nice twist to ordinary-looking furniture, though would like to warn users the whirling noises from the tape mechanism may disturb you especially if you are used to working in your own quiet space. None the less the MTC cabinet is a good furniture unit with a tech touch to it. Something that might get all the geeks out there excited.