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Having a few helping hands around us won’t hurt, an image having a multipurpose robotic arm at your service. KUKA and ABB robots are popular industrial robots, while Microbot is something you can own for the sheer experience of owning a robot. You can buy it on Kickstarter and will cost you around $500.

Mirobot is the smallest 6 axes industrial robot you can use at home, school, or professional use. Imagine the robot arm steering your coffee, it is equipped with computer vision and visual processing technologies. The huge range of swappable attachments makes it capable of handling different tasks.

Mirobot Features
Mirobot comes with a number of features we would like to mention a few from the endless list.
The combination of OpenMV and Machine Vision code allows you to use Microbot for shape detection, optical flow, and a variety of other advanced vision tasks.
It can hold Manoeuvre a GoPro and other mini cameras to capture wonderful moments using Mirabot.
You can control the robot arm using an App on your phone.
It comes with Mirobot Studio which includes powerful tools for creative work and learning.
The open-source GRBL-based firmware and Mega2560-based control board schematics allow you to better or customize your own robotic arm. Mirobot supports ROS, V-rep, Webots, and more open-sourced platforms.

Mirobot Tech Specs

  • Axis: 6+1
  • Dimension: 220*160*270mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Payload: 150g
  • Material: ABS and Aluminium
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth/USB/WiFi
  • Power Supply: 12V-4A
  • Power: 50W Max
  • Base Size: Diameter320mm
  • Controller: Arduino
  • Programming Tool: Blockly/Phyton/G-code/C/C++/C#/Java
  • Control Methods: MirobotStudio/MirobotController/APP.