Nasa Exoskeleton Spacesuit Designed For Intergalactic Space Exploration
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Nasa Exoskeleton Spacesuit designed for intergalactic space exploration coincides with man’s dream and the ultimate quest for exploration.

There are immense challenges when you go to space, gravity being on top of the list. NASA has been investing its time and money in developing new age spacesuits to counter the effects of gravity while in space. The space agency has already invested a whopping $420 million in over 14 years of its exploration research journey. By year 2024, NASA is expected to churn out another $625 million in time for the next moon mission.

Due to delays in the development of spacesuits the time frame has now been shifted to April 2025. Others in the space race include Elon Musk’s, SpaceX. The company has helped NASA develop next-generation spacesuits which will cost over $1 billion, which is more than the cost of the Falcon 9 orbital rocket. It is still a mystery how these next-gen spacesuits will look like, though the sheer imagination of futuristic exoskeleton spacesuits gives wings to our imagination.Nasa Exoskeleton Spacesuit Designer Riyahd Cassiem has designed the concept spacesuit, bringing together cool elements associated with exoskeleton suits to the inter-planetary dreams we humans have embarked on. The influence of the Halo game is clearly visible, you can instantly relate with the fearless KAT-B320, CARTER-A259, and ALICE-130 characters.

The suit is built to outlast in the harshest of conditions, and its mechanical character means it will provide the individual who wears it with assistance in performing laborious tasks, otherwise too tedious in alien environments. The suit is made from lightweight yet stellar material keeping ultra flexibility in mind.Nasa Exoskeleton Spacesuit-1The helmet looks like a fencing helmet, though everything is fit for a future where space travel is going to be the norm. The Nasa exoskeleton spacesuit designed for intergalactic space exploration will help us conquer the roadblocks that currently limit us from freely exploring the surface of the red planet Mars, or our nearest destination – the Moon.Nasa Exoskeleton Spacesuit-2Related Articles:

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