Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller - Multi-Directional Control Input
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Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller will draw many eyeballs with its multi-directional control Input feature. Gaming controllers offer gamers an unprecedented level of control over the in-game action for hours of fun on the go.

According to Statista Netflix has around 207.64 million paid subscribers worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. After redefining the streaming content for more than a decade, Netflix is ready to venture into the gaming sector.Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller_2Netflix gaming service will be part of its existing portfolio and offered to customers without extra cost. The addition of the gaming service will offer the company an edge over its rivals such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Videos, and Apple TV+.

Netflix has already announced the arrival of its gaming service and we can expect it to arrive by the end of this year. Grabbing the situation, concept designers Seong Bin Yoon and Cheolhee Lee have come up with Netflix branded gaming accessories. These concept Netflix gaming accessories can easily fit like a glove with platforms like Google Stadia, Xbox Gaming pass, Nividia GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna.Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller_1The Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller has a distinct form factor that makes them unique, but something similar to the Nintendo Joy-Con controllers.

The designer duo has crafted a design good for casual gaming as well as AR and VR-assisted gaming fun. Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller features a vertical grip position with bumper buttons on the sides. The design goes to offers freedom of movement in all directions. At the front, it has the customary joystick, directional pad, and buttons for in-game input. While the left and right sections of the controller move independently, this will give you better control, and hence a tactical advantage with these pads.Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller - Multi-Directional Control Input_2

There are volume dial buttons on both sides, enabling you to beam stereo audio through the speaker-like vents on the bottom front on both sides. You can also view the Netflix icon-shaped direction controller, the design is a good balance of functionality with the Netflix branding. It’s a great concept especially for all you Netflix fans out there.Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller - Multi-Directional Control Input

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