New ROCK SBC systems developed by OKdo in Partnership with Radxa
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New ROCK SBC systems will be developed by RS Group’s single board computer development and manufacturing unit OKdo in partnership with Rockchip vendor Radxa. This partnership will offer Raxda access to OKdo’s experience in at-scale manufacturing and to its global support channels.

With Radxa, there are two different levels of support for engineers. There are online community tools just for them, and then their products are also supported by Rock. Radxa’s partnerships with other manufacturers aim to provide customers with an affordable, maker-friendly solution.

The Rock Product Line

The first board from the new partnership, the ROCK 4 SE, is now available. This Rockchip hexacore RK3399-T processor is paired with 4GB of RAM. In addition to an ARM SoC, it also offers m.2 support, and on-board eMMC storage module options.

Another perk for makers is a real-time clock battery connector, which is capable of retaining time even when not powered on. Alternatively, you can power the devices down to save energy.

With a 40-pin port, this Raspberry Pi is compatible with off-the-shelf accessories. This includes power-over-Ethernet adapters, HDMI video and USB inputs.

The ROCK 4 SE is OKdo’s derivative of Radxa’s existing family of ROCK 4 SBCs, which are now being sold as boards and modules. The ROCK 4 SE is the first in a new range of products that use the popular Rockchip processor.

Upcoming – ROCK 4C+

There’s a shining prototype model in the works, ROCK 4C+, that will have features that are usually absent from SBCs: it’ll include a physical on/off switch and be compatible with your own Wi-Fi antenna for better signal strength.

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose ROCK

The supply chain issue led to a company moving away from Raspberry Pi. They plan to replace it with other silicon providers, such as Radxa and NXP. The silicon provider is Rockchip, which has chips manufactured across the world, spreading the risk of supply chain out. Support for linuxes and Android make Rockchip a viable option for both app development and user experience.

With a system-on-module (SOM), ROCK can deliver custom boards that have only the necessary components. This advantage over other SBCs prevents what they call “component wastage.” Once you’ve prototyped hardware with devices like the ROCK 4 SE, OK do provides a SOM to make production feasible with design features tailored to your needs for “low costs and reduced risk exposure.” The ability to work with both companies in order optimize board designs and offer ‘the equipment our project needs’ is crucial for any project.

Design and Build Your Own Robot

The company creates efficient custom design for volume production. With the help of OKdo, you can pick and choose the materials needed for your board. Typical changes include removing ethernet ports in favor of wireless capabilities and changing memory components to get a more customized product. The company has experience in making hardware that is efficient, convenient, and cost effective.

Creating custom hardware can result in environmental benefits. Large reductions in size and weight help with environmental commitments, such as reducing shipping weight or the amount of packaging needed. Customization allows you to take advantage of regulations that are applicable to your product, such as working with OKdo so changes don’t put the custom board out of compliance with any applicable regulations.

Radxa has had success in China, so it’s great to see a company such as RS Group committed to bringing the platform to the U.S. and Europe where supply chain issues are making it hard to purchase many SBCs. Having devices on hand now will give developers the opportunity to develop IoT hardware without having to wait any longer.

The Rock 4 SE is available at OKdo’s Rock Shop, and more hardware should arrive soon

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