New USB-C rules in Europe can make you Forget the iPhone
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The European Commission’s new rules could deliver a death blow to Micro-USB.

The new USB-C rules in Europe may deliver a death blow to Micro-USB. European Commission has proposed new rules making it obligatory for all portable electronics to use USB-C for wired charging.

According to the proposal, users should have an option to buy new devices without a charger. This will go on to further reduce e-waste. If the law is approved by the European Parliament, it will take effect within two years.

The decision seems to have the iPhone on its radar, as most Android phones feature a USB-C charging port. While Apple on the other hand continues to use its proprietary Lightning connector for the iPhone. Though the company has moved to USB-C on MacBooks, higher-end iPads, and certain AirPods models.

On the other hand, Apple may already move on to an entirely different path with the iPhone having no ports at all. Apple may choose to rely on wireless technology to charge and transfer data. According to The Verge report, the new proposed European rules don’t apply to wireless charging systems. iPhone launched the MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone, which just shows a clear indication of Apple moving over to a port-free future.

According to the proposed rules, USB-C will be a wired charging standard for all portable devices. This includes tablets, portable speakers, cameras, and headphones. This can prove to be good for consumers too as they won’t require to juggle multiple cables for different devices.

The recent launches include several Roku players, a cheap pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, a Bluetooth speaker, and Amazon’s Kindle e-reader all use older Mini USB standards.

Advantages of Using USB-C Cables

  • USB-C enables faster charging.
  • Easy to use thanks to its reversible connection
  • Less prone to connection failure over time.

It is not clear if Apple will adopt the USB-C feature in its future iPhones, though the Lightning charger does offer the same features. Keeping in mind the benefits of using USB-C chargers, it will still take some time for the rules to take effect.

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