Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device
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The Nintendo Joy-Cam designed by Liam de la Bedoyere is not just a gaming device. It not only offers you an immersive gaming experience but with the two cameras, you can capture videos or photos while you play in immersive AR and MR, and can stream your reactions while you game.

Liam de la Bedoyere, is a UK-based designer, a tech enthusiast who believes the Nintendo Switch is more than a mere game console. It’s much like the classic Game Boy with an add-on Game Boy Camera of its own that can click black and white low res photos. The Joy Cam gives the Switch a photographic ability that turns the console into a versatile multimedia device. Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-1Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-2The Nintendo Joy-Cam features a large primary lens and a small front-facing lens built into its design. The designer had plans to give the Nintendo Switch DSLR-like capabilities with a large viewfinder. Later shifted to designing the Joy-Cam as a breakthrough augmented and mixed reality gaming device. The large OLED display allows you to view what you shoot with your primary camera. It also superimposed digital elements into the real world offering you a true Pokémon GO-rivaling experience. Many Switch gamers love to record themselves while playing, the front-facing camera enables you to stream your reactions. It offers gamers an easy way to stream their skills to their audience. The Switch + Twitch experience is incredibly natural. Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-3 Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-4Let’s not forget though Joy-Cam’s purpose is to turn the Nintendo Switch into a powerful camera. Making it a new contender in the smartphone camera race. The best part is its modular form, which means in the future the lenses and sensors can be upgraded with users having to buy a new device each time. Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-5The Nintendo Joy-Cam houses a MUCH bigger primary lens and yet is sleek which can prove to be a deciding factor for many smartphone users. The device features a selection pad and a shutter button located right under your thumb, and an Autofocus/Manual toggle switch on the top. This allows users to either switch on the camera’s autofocusing abilities or rely on manually turning the focus ring on the lens to click incredible DoF shots with real bokeh. Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-6The Joy Cam also has a flash located right under the primary lens, which allows you to shoot in low light. The Nintendo Joy Cam can turn out to be a game-changer, there have been similar attempts made such as Phonebloks and Google/Motorola’s failed Project Ara experiment.Nintendo Joy-Cam  Not Just a Gaming Device-7

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