Nitecore Tiki GITD - A Keychain Flashlight Can Spot Fake Bills
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Nitecore Tiki GITD is a small Keychain Flashlight that can spot fake bills. Most of us have flashlights on our smartphones, but at times it is not convenient to hold or due to the risk of dropping we tend not to use them more often. 

Nitecore Tiki GITD is a keychain flashlight that can be easily carried around without the fear of fumbling it. 

Nitecore Tiki GITD Tech Specifications

  • Powerful, multi-brightness LED (up to 300 lumens, illuminating out to 77 meters)
  • Secondary white and UV light built into the body
  • Single button control
  • Glow-in-the-dark body
  • Up to 40 hours of runtime
  • Rechargeable using microUSB
  • Water and dust resistant to IP66
  • Length: 55mm/2.16in
  • Weight: 12g/0.42oz
  • Keyring clip on tailNitecore Tiki GITD - A Keychain Flashlight Can Spot Fake Bills_1

The main LED on the side of the light can be adjusted to four settings, from a super-bright 300 lumens to a more soothing 1 lumen glow. This makes it perfect for lighting up a wide range of uses, from providing overhead lighting to an emergency light source.

A flashlight that can be used for both illuminating a large area and a more subtle, close range glow.

On the side, the warm white light is soft and perfect for reading or other closeup work in the dark because it doesn’t contribute to eyestrain.

You can use this UV LED to easily tell if something is counterfeit. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery, the 130mAh battery is powerful enough for a full 30 minutes of use and 40 hours of glow mode.

The polycarbonate shell glows in the dark and is impact-resistant and water- and dust-resistant to IP66. It is completely dustproof, and can resist high-pressure water jets from all directions.

The device is recharged through a microUSB port that is protected by a tough rubber flap. The Nitecore Tiki GITD keychain flashlight is easy to use and durable, offers a wide range of lighting, and is small.

Many small lights do not have the UV LED, but Nitecore Tiki GITD keychain flashlight isnot only cheap but possesses the same quality as many other more expensive and well-made products. It is priced at $24.95.

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