Nocs NS1100 Air Calibrates its Audio Experience based on Your Hearing
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Nocs NS1100 Air calibrates its audio experience based on your hearing. Every human sees things differently in terms of dress, food taste, movies, or music. Likewise, some of us like to hear on high frequencies while others do vice versa.

Every audio tech company is trying to build a perfect earphone that will deliver the best earring experience to users. Most manufacturers tend to ignore testing your hearing. Just as we test our eyesight while getting a prescription for glasses, where we end up wearing thicker lenses for eyes with bad eyesight. Likewise, it is important to test your hearing when you buy a TWS earphone too. Noc strongly believes it is the key to the entire user experience. Nocs NS1100 Air is perhaps the only pair of earphones around that offers to calibrate your hearing, giving a good hearing experience.

The earphone barely takes 3 minutes and occurs just once when you wear the earphones for the first time. The Nocs NS1100 Air is accompanied by the Nocs smartphone app, it uses Audiodo’s cutting-edge audiometry to generate an incredibly precise and thorough model of a user’s sense of hearing. It takes under 3 minutes to run calibration for each ear separately and it specifically tunes the audio to suit your preferences and your hearing.Nocs NS1100 Air Calibrates its Audio Experience based on Your Hearing-1The earphones are designed for music, calls, and everything in between and feature 9.2mm graphene drivers that boast incredibly low distortion and higher bandwidth. The hybrid active noise cancellation, orchestrated by 4 MEMS microphones cancels out external audio while being able to clearly isolate and pick up your voice while you’re talking on calls. There is also a transparency mode that allows you to listen in on the world around you. The NS1100 Air earphone comes with stunning 9-hour battery life, this gets bumped up to 30 hours with the charging case.Nocs NS1100 Air Calibrates its Audio Experience based on Your Hearing-2

It is not only the audio calibration feature that stands out for the Nocs NS1100 Air but the TWS earbuds are neatly designed too. They are tiny in size and sit discreetly in your ear without any annoying stem poking out. The compact design makes it fit in a compact charging/carrying case. While they are in your ears there is less likelihood of them falling off as they fit securely because of the silicone ear-tips.Nocs NS1100 Air Calibrates its Audio Experience based on Your Hearing-3Nocs has been designing audio devices for deejays and audiophiles since 2009. The Noc NS1100 Air is its smallest and most advanced TWS earbuds offering yet. It is perhaps the only pair of consumer-grade earbuds that actually takes the audio experience seriously. The earbuds are priced at $150.

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