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China-based Nreal tweaks its Nreal Light mixed reality glasses in an effort to make them permanent every day ready to wear mixed reality glasses. The latest developments and tweaks were revealed in the recently concluded Mobile world congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Nreal is a small startup acquired for $31 million USD look to make it possible for you to have Holographic video conferencing sitting in the backseat of a taxi. To make this a reality nreal ensures that its light mixed reality glasses are compact with a small form factor and do not compromise on the brilliance of display.

The light mixed reality glasses come with a 1080p, 52* field of view, and a SLAM-based environmental understanding. It offers a relatively affordable multi-sensory and immersive experience.

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses look similar to most stylish sunglasses around and weigh merely 85g. They have recently updated to have folded legs which makes it easy to carry them around with us and gives the glasses a more natural look.

As far as the style is concerned they come in stylish shapes, funky colors, and magnetic nose pads which offer a personalized fit and relative comfort. You can also customize them to your eyesight with interchangeable prescription lenses that can embed or snap-on.

The light mixed reality glasses allow you to view high resolution and vivid optical display mixed reality content on the go with the complete system ie. glasses, CPU (nicknamed “toast”) and controller. These made an appearance at CES 2019 and are priced around $1000.Light-mixed-reality-glasses

In the future, nreal has plans to make the AR smart glasses more accessible and affordable to the users. In their quest for the future, they are already working to plug the smart glasses directly on to 5 G-enabled smartphone running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip via USB Type-C. This product is planned for launch in Q3 2019.

According to NetEase AR, augmented reality game developer from YuMe game, Nreal light is official courting developers for casual MR, AR game titles at the Game Developer Conference.

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