Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master
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Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master where luxury meets technology. With a considerable rise in the home-based workforce, the furniture industry has remained offbeat when it came to offering comfortable workstations and rigs as they primarily focused on their routine life. Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master_1Things have changed for good after the end of the pandemic years, gaming hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has come up with Orb X an automated motorized shuttle that cocoons the users within for utmost secrecy. The gaming pod will literally enhance users’ overall experience while working or gaming and guarantee privacy.Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master_2If you have an ultrawide monitor and a gaming setup with everything you need, then you might not be able to relate to a pod. The pod experience is totally different, especially with the semi-personal cocoon approach which isn’t completely isolating but creates your own personal zone. You’ll get incomparable surroundings that are a stark contrast.With the motorized dome, you can control your viewing experience with the press of a button. When working, the use of a single 34″ display is enough. But when you’re gaming, use three 27″ screens to really immerse yourself in the action.Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master_3

The large surround sound speakers, a recliner with many features, and a comfortable environment make it easy to game or work in this room. We use genuine leather on the seating with lumber support and an adjustable headrest to give you complete comfort.Orb X is an impressive pod designed by Cooler Master_4The ORB X includes hidden compartments to store your gaming PC and console, a desk with built-in wireless charging, and USB-C, and USB-A ports. RGB LED accent lighting illuminates the entire setup in a choice of our arctic white or universe black colors, though Cooler Master is still mum on pricing.

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