P & H Air Manager - Air Purifier and Humidifier 
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P & H Air Manager is an air purifier and humidifier designed by Li Xundi. We all spend nearly 95% of our time indoors in our homes or office. Being outdoors for a few hours helps you breathe in the fresh air. Many of you may not have this opportunity due to your hectic work life that keeps them confined to your home or office. P & H Air Manager air purifier and humidifier help to enjoy clean air indoors. It is certainly something someone would want to buy if the product sees the light of day.P & H Air Manager - Air Purifier and Humidifier-2P & H Air Manager features a water system that helps it keep going. You can detach and separate the humidifier and use it separately. The air purifier and humidifiers is easy to operate as it has four buttons ie. a power button, speed controls, a button for humidifier function, and a sleep button to automatically turn it off.P & H Air Manager - Air Purifier and Humidifier-3The air purifier and humidifier is covered in a colored fabric that will match your room motif or your favorite color. Underneath the fabric is a screen that displays the room’s air quality. It also indicates when you require to place the filter as it is vital to keep the air in your room clean. While the air inlets are located in the gap around the sides of the fabric cover.P & H Air Manager - Air Purifier and Humidifier-2P & H Air Manager includes a water bucket which is easy to fill out, you don’t need to remove it, something we don’t see in other purifiers. The LED on the top displays the level of water inside the air purifier, this helps you refill with the correct water level. The device design makes it look like a smart speaker rather than an air purifier and humidifier.P & H Air Manager – Air Purifier and Humidifier Related Articles:
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