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Periscope glasses grant shorter people a height advantage, this comes in handy especially at music events where shorter people have a hard time viewing over the top of people much higher than them.

London based designerPeriscope glasses

has crafted a pair of periscope glasses. These glasses allow the wearer to see over the top of people at music concerts.

Wilcox began on this project after being challenged by Microsoft Surface to solve an everyday problem with some extraordinary solution. He came up with the idea when he attended a music gig and witnessed how shorter people struggled to view what’s happening on stage.

The Periscope Glasses are one foot tall, enable the user to see approximately 30.5 centimeters above the normal eye level. This is way above the heads of taller attendees who block the view at events.

According to Wilcox, while he was standing he saw a small woman dancing but she was unable to see the band as there were tall people in front of her. This struck an idea to design a way for people to see over obstacles like six foot or more tall people like him. He further added the glasses work well but dancing with them might be a challenge.

The glasses are manufactured from a sheet of mirrored acrylic, bent carefully into the exact angles needed to reflect off the smaller mirror in front of the wearer’s eyes. A small mirror is placed pointing upwards at 45 degrees towards a larger mirror that looks outwards.periscope glasses

Wilcox is known for his playful designs and has a number of creations of his like the Directing Jacket, which attempts to solve the problem of not knowing what side to walk past an oncoming pedestrian.

The jacket comes with a LED arrow fitted in the front pocket, this avoids the dance of indecision. The light informs the passers-by to walk on the side the arrow points to.
He believes everything around us has hundreds of ideas and connections waiting to be found, we just need to look hard enough.

You can find his inventions at Selfridges department store in London. Earlier this year in May the glasses were also exhibited at the Extraordinary Solutions to Everyday Problems exhibition held at the D&AD Festival in London.