Pico Projector an Incredibly Small Projector
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Pico Projector designed by Maxime Jx is an incredibly small projector that can fit in your suit’s front pocket. Easily slide it out of your pocket to quickly set it up for your business presentation.

More and more people are cutting the cord as they rely on streaming services. This brings home projectors in fashion. Projectors have always been used by business organizations for presentations, meetings, and events. The task of moving projectors around has not always been a pleasant task. 

Everything changes with the introduction of the Pico Projector concept as its small factor makes you look savvy even before the presentation. Projectors have conventionally been expensive, especially the large ones which denies the opportunity for households to own such a device. Projectors are magnificent machines that allow you to share images at the same time in a meeting, though sometimes embarrassing when things go horribly wrong.Pico Projector an Incredibly Small Projector-2The bulky projectors also are not easy to set up for a normal user and are burdensome to carry around. While the Pico Projector concept is small and can fit in your pocket and is easy to carry around. 

Pico Projector is simple to set up and use as it comes with its own built-in memory as well as folding stands. All you are required to do is hook it up to a computer, USB thumb drive, or video source. Additionally, you can also simply connect it via WiFi, easy peasy!!!!!!!!!Pico Projector an Incredibly Small Projector-1The outer body of the Pico Projector is like a cloth cover, which blends it nicely with your apparel. You can also pull back the cloth for ventilation and audio output. The power button is nicely hidden underneath, something you will never forget. 

Small projectors have been around in the form of built-in short throw projectors in smartphones, though more like novelties and have been a disappointment. The Pico Projector concept is perhaps all set to make its appearance for real. We cannot say if this ever happens but looking at the ongoing trends such as video conferencing and metaverse anything is possible.

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